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Case equipment is used to erect, pack, seal, or unpack cases of products. In most instances, case equipment is used to form cardboard boxes; however, corrugated materials and plastics formers are also available. Types of case equipment include case erectors, case cartoners, carton packers, carton sealers, and unpackers.

Case erectors and case cartoners are case equipment which automatically forms corrugated cases. A stack of corrugated blanks are knocked down and placed into the machine. The blanks are pulled out of the machine one-by-one and formed into cases. The newly formed cases are sealed at the bottom with tape or glue.

GCCf-30T Case Erectors   
Alarm when lack tape or case   
Model     CF-30T
Power supply     380V 50Hz 1.8KW
Air pressure     6kg/cm2
Tape width     4.8-7.2cm tape max.Length 2km
Working speed     20-25cases/min work height 1120+-50mm
Case Size     250
Machine appearance dimensions     L 2800mm x W 1560mm x H2250mm
Machine weight     1100kg
Environment conditions     Humidity?98% TEmperature 0-40?
Optional     with "Nordson" hot glue machine


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