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Labeling machine

Youngsun company has been specially engaged in design,production and sales of manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic labeling machines since 1992,with a complete series divided into normal and special kinds.
These products are applied to various operations such as sticking a label on plane, post surface, single side or multi-sides of a package, sticking labels covering part or all of the surface of a cylinder, or sticking on sunken locations and at edges or corners.
Now Yongchuang can offer simple and economical solutions in China according to your requirements.

Machine function
The machine was controlled by PLC, whose design refers to France technology. The main accessories are purchased from Taiwan or overseas brand which have logical design, harmonious movement, steady capability, and also have not only label odd but also dual stick-label ability, you will find they are convenient, exact. And even label, could used in different spec circinal bottles and different dimension label.

Automatic Labeling Machine
Can pack the front and back of the thing to glue two labels at the same time in flat surface or ovals   
Power supply     1P 220V 50/60Hz 600W
Applied material     Undried glue lable
Lable size     L(15-300)mm x H(15-130)mm
Package dimension     Dia ?25~?120; H(40~300)mm
Label speed     0~120pcs/min
Optional     Code printer

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